Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Little Garden

This year I decided to see if I had a green thumb and grow some veggies.  I am growing yellow bell peppers, banana peppers, early girl tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and 2 herbs that I can't recall the names of right now. All of these are growing in topsy turvy planters; one store bought and one home made. One of the herbs was eaten by something and the other one is growing VERY well!! The early girl tomatoes have yielded one ripe and has about 6 or so others growing. The grape tomatoes have yielded about a dozen or so. The bell peppers have 2 growing and the banana peppers have not produced anything yet. Next year I want to try and add some other things to the store bought tospy turvy, like strawberries, etc. Home grown veggies are so yummy tasting and its such great satisfaction eating something that you grew yourself.  We have had a VERY hot summer this year so it's been a tough growing season so I am hoping next year I will be able to yield more!!  Here's to my first year and to many more!!!

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