Friday, July 29, 2011


I have officially been on this journey for a year now (as of July 23).  WOW! What a ride it has been.  I remember in April of last year how I saw a picture of myself with my co-workers and realized, "Wow.. I am HUGE!"  At just barely 5'0" I weighed about 184lbs.  I began following the Weight Watchers program on my own with materials I had from the last time I signed up and failed (been there done that like 4 times); I lost some weight on my own and then in July decided, along with my mum, that it was time to officially go back on program and REALLY step up my game. I was 33 years old at the time with a beautiful daughter who I wanted to be a role model for.  I didn't want her to become fat like me and struggle with weight.  So my starting weight at WW that first time I stepped on the scale was 178lbs.  Now here I am, a year later, and I am down 41lbs! WOO HOO! Back then I could barely walk for any distance with out getting winded; I couldn't run to save my life if I had to; my body was rolls upon rolls of fat; I had no muscle definition anywhere on my body; I was in a size 16 jean and a large for shirt; I felt REALLY crappy about myself and really didn't like who I had become.  Fast forward to today, I can walk for long distances with NO problem and even run for FUN; I still have some jiggly parts to my body but they are getting smaller and less obvious; I have muscles that show in my legs and arms that I had no idea were there; I am now in a size 10 jeans and size medium (and sometimes even small) for a shirt; and most importantly I am really beginning to truly love myself for the first time ever.  I still have about 10lbs until I hit my goal and let me tell you, these last 10 have been the hardest to lose!  I WILL make my goal and I will learn to maintain my weight safely and in a healthy manner! Yay for me!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beat the Heat Challenge: Week 3

Weight Wars

1. Lose 8lbs
2. Exercise 3x a week
3. Clean, purge, and organize more in my house
4. Read, read, read
5. Scrapbook 2 pages week

Positve Picture:

I am working really hard to forgive someone very important in my life right now.

What have you done this week to work towards your goals?
     I lost -1lb this week(G1)! YAY!!  I exercised only once last week, but its better then nothing right(G2)?  Didn't do too much as far as the G3 this week, but plan on lots of it during the next week.  I am still reading Handle with Care(G4).  I did scrap two pages(G5)!!  I haven't scrapped in forever and it felt great to get these two done!   
Sunshine and Papa replacing a few pieces of decking on one of our
 small decks.
Sunshine and her buddy Evan went to our local splash park! Such fun!

What have you done this week to make you feel fabulous?
     Hmmm.. I threw a fabulous birthday party for my daughter!!  Just seeing the looks of awe and happiness on her sweet little face are enough for me!  I also went to see Harry Potter!!!  It was FAB!

Do you have any gadgets that help you to your goals or are you a low tech kinda person?
Oh, I so love technology!!! Hehe... I have two pieces of tech that I like to use to help me towards my goals.  The first is my iPod; I have the Weight Watchers app to help me track my food on the go.  I also love my Wii and this is how I do about 75% of my exercise.

We are half way through the year, what have you achieved so far (in all aspects of life)?
Boy, this is a loaded question for me.  I am in such a different place now then I was back at the beginning of the year.  Back in January I was strictly in survival/panic mode.  Now 7 months later, I have learned how strong of a person I a really am and how I can survive no matter what.  

Fun Question: Tell me one of your secrets to achieving goals and living a happy life?
Be true to YOURSELF first and foremost! 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Party Sneak Peek!

Tomorrow Lil' Miss Sunshine (my daughter) turns 4 years old at exactly 6:22 PM! I can NOT believe it! I have planned a bash for her on Saturday and here is a sneak peek of the decorations I have created with my Cricut! I can NOT wait!!! 

Click on the image to see it lager!
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Monday, July 11, 2011

NSV: My Butt Fits!

Crazy title, huh?  I couldn't think of anything else catchy though! LOL! Anyways, my part time job is working for a small childcare center.  We have the chairs pictured above in the classroom.  See how the legs come up over the sides of the chair????  Well, I can get my butt INTO the chairs comfortably!! There is no fat spillage over the edges!!! YAHOOOOO!!!

Beat the Heat Challenge: Week 2

Weight Wars

1. Lose 8lbs

2. Exercise 3x a week
3. Clean, purge, and organize more in my house
4. Read, read, read
5. Scrapbook 2 pages week

Positive Picture:

Sunshine and I were invited to go swimming at my sis/bro-in-laws house on Saturday night.  I tried on my bathing suit for the first time since I have lost weight.  I am pretty happy with how it looks on me this year.  Last year it was tight and uncomfortable.  

What progress have you made on your goals this week?
I exercised 2x this week (G2).  I did some work painting in my home this week and my dad very graciously came over and put the trim up around my door that we replaced 2 years ago; it makes me so happy to see it done (G3)!!!  I finished reading book four in the Sookie Stackhouse series and began reading Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult (G4).  I did not scrap any pages, but I have been using my cricut a ton this week to create decorations for my daughters birthday party that is coming up this Saturday (G5).

What did you do to make yourself feel fabulous?
I did a lot of work in my home this week - painting, reseeding some of my backyard, planted my tomato and pepper plants and spent time with with some  family and good friends.

Did you have a moment in your life where everything changed for you, an epiphany moment, or has it happened gradually?
My biggest moment happened this past January.  I realized then that I really needed to take care of myself and live life for me!  I have realized in the past 7 months how strong of a person I am and just how independent I can be.

What made you get involved with the Beat The Heat challenge?
I have enjoyed being part of the other two challenges that Amy hosted.  Its great being part of a community of people who are so supportive.

What is your favourite TV Show at the moment?
I am obsessed with Dexter.  I am anxiously waiting for season 6 to begin!!!!!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Naked Finger

I am really feeling sad tonight over what is happening in my life right now.  I haven't said much about it, but when my husband left me over 2 months ago, I took of my engagement ring/wedding band.  I wore my engagement ring for nearly 8 years and my wedding band for nearly 6.  I have been realizing the past few days how much I miss wearing them.  I miss what they represented to me - love, safety, strength, hope.  I am truly grieving the loss of my marriage.  

I decided I needed something to wear on my ring finger so I went through my jewelry box and found a ring I haven't thought about in ages - a beautiful garnet that my Aunt Linda gave to me many years ago.  This ring means a ton to me and I am so glad to have come across it; you see, my aunt passed away from cancer  nearly 2 years ago.  Now that I have it on my finger I feel so much better and warm.

100 Miles Fitness Challenge

I joined up with this great challenge called 100 Miles Fitness Challenge.  You sign up and pledge to do at least 100 miles between July 1 and September 31; I signed up to do 150 miles between now and then. You can read the start up post to get all the details and sign up if you want!  It will be great motivation for me!!

On the Wii Again!!

I started using the Wii again today! I started off with a BANG! I did the Free Step and stepped 3855 steps in 30 minutes!! YAHOO!    I am so pleased with myself!  I think this is a great start to getting back at my health goals.  I love using the Free Step in the Wii Fit as I ca set it and forget it! I can switch over and watch TV while I am stepping!!!  Its GREAT!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Beat the Heat Challenge: Week 1

Weight Wars

Positive Picture:
Love this quote from the wise Albus Dumbledore!!!  

What are your goals for the 10 week challenge?
1. Lose 8lbs
2. Exercise 3x a week
3. Clean, purge, and organize more in my house
4. Read, read, read
5. Scrapbook 2 pages week

Why did you pick these goals? What makes them important to you right now?
These are basically the same goals that I have worked with for the last 2 challenges.  #1 and #2 are for my health.   #3 is for my sanity.  #4 and #5 are for my enjoyment.

Whats your biggest excuse/reason for not doing something and how are you going to stop it from getting in the way?
My biggest excuse is time! LOL!  I always say, "There are just not enough hours in the day."  Well the heck with that! No more excuses! I am going to schedule time into my day for these things!!!

Are you a planner or do you just go with the flow?
I am most certainly a planner, but can be flexible too!!!

Fun Thing: Tell us something that will help us to get to know you.
I am a movie buff! I love to watch movies!!!! Thank goodness for netflix!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Current Weight: Week Forty-Four

138.6 (+1.0lb)

No biggie. It's a little vacation fluff since we were away all last weekend.  It will be gone next week.