Monday, July 18, 2011

Beat the Heat Challenge: Week 3

Weight Wars

1. Lose 8lbs
2. Exercise 3x a week
3. Clean, purge, and organize more in my house
4. Read, read, read
5. Scrapbook 2 pages week

Positve Picture:

I am working really hard to forgive someone very important in my life right now.

What have you done this week to work towards your goals?
     I lost -1lb this week(G1)! YAY!!  I exercised only once last week, but its better then nothing right(G2)?  Didn't do too much as far as the G3 this week, but plan on lots of it during the next week.  I am still reading Handle with Care(G4).  I did scrap two pages(G5)!!  I haven't scrapped in forever and it felt great to get these two done!   
Sunshine and Papa replacing a few pieces of decking on one of our
 small decks.
Sunshine and her buddy Evan went to our local splash park! Such fun!

What have you done this week to make you feel fabulous?
     Hmmm.. I threw a fabulous birthday party for my daughter!!  Just seeing the looks of awe and happiness on her sweet little face are enough for me!  I also went to see Harry Potter!!!  It was FAB!

Do you have any gadgets that help you to your goals or are you a low tech kinda person?
Oh, I so love technology!!! Hehe... I have two pieces of tech that I like to use to help me towards my goals.  The first is my iPod; I have the Weight Watchers app to help me track my food on the go.  I also love my Wii and this is how I do about 75% of my exercise.

We are half way through the year, what have you achieved so far (in all aspects of life)?
Boy, this is a loaded question for me.  I am in such a different place now then I was back at the beginning of the year.  Back in January I was strictly in survival/panic mode.  Now 7 months later, I have learned how strong of a person I a really am and how I can survive no matter what.  

Fun Question: Tell me one of your secrets to achieving goals and living a happy life?
Be true to YOURSELF first and foremost! 

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  1. Sounds like you've made great strides this year, go you! Love the scrap book pages too, very cute!

  2. Thanks for reading! I hope your journey is going well for you!