Monday, December 6, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday: December to Remember

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What will you do to make this a 
December to Remember???

Hmmm... this is a really challenging question for me as I have been a bit of a hum-bug this season.  I have some stuff going on in my personal life that I am having a hard time to feel jolly.  Let's see... I am going to try and work my hardest to keep weight off this December.  This month is always such a challenge for me food wise with all the rich foods and parties that happen.  I don't want to gain anything back; in fact I'd like to lose weight and break the pattern that I normally get into in December, which is a pattern of who cares?  Its the holidays! They are only once a year and I normally spiral out of control.  Not this year! No sir! Not this time! 

I will be in control of the food this month and not let it control me and that is how it will be a December to Rembemer for me!

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