Monday, April 25, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday: Today I...

Haven't participated in this in several weeks! Trying to get back on my game!!!

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Today I felt... kind of down.  I am on vacation this week and the weather is looking rainy all week.  So much for getting to the beach and other outdoors type stuff this week.

Today I saw... 2 new episodes of Curious George.  Lucky me! DD's favorite cartoon!

Today I ate... a good solid, breakfast! Need to start my day off right!

Today I kissed... my beautiful daughter, only to have her wipe off my kiss! LOL! Crazy girl!

Today I bought... nothing, YET! I am heading to the mall a little later to use a gift card I got for Christmas at Twin's Smoke Shop.  Nope I don't smoke, but they have a ROCKING selection of K-Cups for my coffee maker!!!

Today I heard... my daughter cry when I turned off the her shows! LOL! C'mon now! TV is NOT just for her!

Today I lost... money. I am on vacation this week, but I do not get paid for it.  It's bitter-sweet!

Today I decided... I need to be grateful for what I have and live in the moment.

Today I need... a hug.

Today I wish... things in my life were so much different!


  1. ((Hug))

    One of my son's favorite shows is Curious George. :)

    I am so ready for good, Spring weather, too.

    Hope you have a great week.

  2. I'm so tired of rain!!

    Loved your post today...especially liked the "be grateful for what you have." I could of used hearing this earlier today as I was feeling a bit sorry for myself!! :O)

  3. You pretty much described my day with my son. The crying, the kiss wiping, yep, all that. I'm so glad I'm not alone!!! And like you all, I'm sick of the rain, too!!! I'm going to have a serious attitude if it's still here on Sunday.

    Have a great week, ladies!