Sunday, April 17, 2011

Couch to 5k: Take Two

I started C25k late last summer and got through Week 4, but never went on with it from there. I REALLY enjoyed running; its a great outlet for stress and helps me to think more clearly (who couldn't use more of that, right???).  I decided to restart the program as part of my goals for the Spring Fever Challenge so on Thursday of this past week I did W1D1.  It went very well and I felt great! Last time I started this program I weighed 36lbs more then I do now and its amazing what a difference the 36lbs makes when running!!  

One funny thing though - the pants I wore kept falling down every time I'd start in on a running interval!! LOL!!  So when I went out today to complete W1D2 I made sure I wore pants that had a draw string!! Made things much easier!  

For those of you who are runners, what do you do with your cell phone, keys, and water bottle when you run?? (I live in the city and head over to a paved walking/running path so I don't have to deal with traffic and what not; I have to drive to get to the pathway.)

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  1. Ok...typed a long response and the computer burped@!!! arghhh

    Ok, I've used a fanny pack, cell phone wrist holder (military personnel are the ones I've known to use them-imagine law enforcement has too), and a spibelt. although all three work for running and carrying the neccessities (id, cell phone, key) I prefer the spibelt because there is very little bounce. As for water bottles, I don't normally take one with unless I plan on doing mostly walking. I've been considering a hand held water bottle gadget (has some fabric around the bottle that you slip your hand in and wrap your hand around the bottle and the fabric wraps around the outside. the spibelt does have a "sister" belt that allwos for carrying a very small bottle of water. But I don't do many miles outside (if I go to the gym I take water but the machine holds it)...

    anyway, great week!! take care