Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolution, Part 2

A second part of my resolution is that I am going to continue working on organizing my home.  To start this off and to go along with Resolution, Part 1, I began organizing my kitchen cabinets; top ones today and still have the bottom ones to do next.  I am not only organizing, but dealing with taking out the old and bringing in the "new".  I am in the process of getting divorced and so I am packing away all of the stuff that was "ours" and bringing in new stuff that is MINE!

This is the before picture of some of my food cabinets... what a mess, HUH?  So embarrassing.

Here is an after picture of the cabinets I keep my plates, cups, and mugs in.  (I did not get a before of this one.)

Here is the after pictures of my food cabinets!  Notice how I was able to put most all of my small appliances up on the tops shelves! YAY!! They have been living on top of my fridge forever collecting dust; what a pain it was to have to wash them before using them!

This small cabinet is where I keep all my spices and baking stuff; its great to be able to reach in this cabinet and grab what I need for cooking!

I still need to add labels to the buckets so I can remember what is in each one.  Later this week, I plan on tackling the cabinets under my counter.  Those are the ones I am dreading the most!
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  1. that's fabulous letting go of "stuff" is a great cathartic task. i just did that with my closet and some totes that have been in there since i moved to de (5 years) feels free doesnt it! keep up the good work it is sooooooo worth it! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo