Friday, November 8, 2013

10 Day Challenge: eight fears

I started this "challenge" back in March of 2012 and as you can see I was so studious and finished it - NOT.  I have been thinking a lot lately about many items in my life that I have started and never followed through with.  I hate thinking about these many unfinished things and feeling like I've failed and let myself down some how.  Its really a weird feeling knowing that I put so much of myself into so many other people in my life (my daughter, my friends, the children I teach, etc), yet I have not found the balance to take care of me too.  Its time that I push myself to do so and so with out any further adieu....

Eight of my fears (in no particular order):

1. Being stuck in an elevator.  Yep, each and every time I ride in an elevator I imagine being stuck in it.  I would FREAK!!! I hate tight closed in spaces and spaces where there are no windows for me to look out of; so yeah, being stuck in an elevator would be REALLY bad for me.

2. Losing the amazing relationship I am in now.  He has no idea how much of a rock he is for me.  Going through a divorce has left me quite nervous at times and I worry often that the "other shoe is going to drop" and I am going to some how self sabotage / self destruct what I now have.

3. Losing the love of my daughter. Being a parent is no easy task, but being a single parent is even more challenging then I ever expected.

4.   Issues with my own health; if something serious were to happen to me heath wise I'd miss out so much on my beautiful daughter and all the future holds for her.

5. Not having enough money.  Lets face it - I became a preschool teacher because I am going to make millions of dollars said NO preschool teacher EVER!

6. Losing my parents; I am an only child with a very small family.  There are not many of us around still.  What will I do when they are gone?

7. Being over weight the rest of my life and becoming like my aunt.

8. Losing one of my preschoolers some how; we are vigilant like hawks in caring for our preschoolers, but I am still paranoid that one of these days one of them will slip away. 

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