Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Wonderland Warriors: Week 8

Life's Journey with a Smile

Positive Picture of the Week:

What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
I have been reading!  I am working on reading two books this week.  One for fun and one for my personal growth.  I am also still working hard on purging, organizing, and separating things.  I have sold 13 items via craigslist and I couldn't be more pleased!!!

Pretty much everywhere this past week experienced some mild weather – did this change have any effect on you?
We had one really warm day here this week and I got myself and the kiddo out for a walk just around our neighborhood.  It was so nice to get some fresh air and just observe the sights and sounds of spring coming; of course we saw tons of snow melting and water running down the roads and many puddles to splash in!  We also jumped over the many cracks in the road!  LOL! It was great while it lasted, but now we are back into the cold, dreary, snowy weather.  That one day did help remind me there is an end to all and we will be able to enjoy the warmer weather soon.

Walk us through your ideal workout. 
I don't really have an ideal work out, just one that isn't something I dread.  Exercise is really something I loath.

What happened in the last week that you have to brag about?
Hmm.... I was able to get into 2 pairs of pants that I haven't been able to!!! YAY! AND I was able to get on a pair of size 10 jeans, just not button them YET!

Fun Question of the Week: Spring Fever has hit the stores… what’s your favourite thing to shop for in the Spring?
SANDALS!! I love sandals!!!!!


  1. I love that positive picture, Jess! Keep on keeping on, my friend!

  2. Love your positive picture/quote! It's definitely something that I need to remind myself of. And congrats on fitting into two more pairs of pants! That's a real accomplishment! Good luck in the upcoming week!

  3. I love the positive picture and especially like the answer to your ideal workout! amen to that!

  4. I love sandals too!!

    You need to find a form of exercise you enjoy!! :) Until hot yoga I could say I loathed the gym too.