Saturday, March 17, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: nine loves

Ok, so obviously these are not going to be posted consecutively!  Here are nine of my loves!

1. My beautiful daughter!  She is 4 1/2 going on 22 and is simply amazing. I love the time I get to spend with her and cherish each precious moment as I watch her grow up right before my eyes.  She's independent, outgoing, and compassionate; she reminds me so much of myself!

2. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese!  Hehe... Yep I love cheese!

3. Running! I love the rhythmic quality of it and the fact that I truly have to focus on myself as I do it.  Just wish I was able to do it more.

4. My incredible friends and family. The last year and 1/2 has been a real struggle for me to stay here in reality and keep functioning.  My divorce has really done a number on me mentally and physically; I am so glad its almost over.

5. Blue Moon Belgian White.  Don't think that I drink all the time, but this is certainly a new favorite of mine! Love the fact that its unfiltered and has an orange taste to it!! So yummy!  What's your favorite beer?

6. Reading.  Reading is so calming and soothing for me.  I love getting lost in a good book! Right now I am reading the Dexter series!  What are you reading?

7. The Walking Dead.  I am so addicted to this show. A friend's son told me about it a while back and then another friend more recently told me about it. I gave it a try a few weeks ago and I am hard core addicted!!! It has taken over my Sunday nights!!!!  

8. Photography.  I am not very good at it, but I like to shoot a ton of pics!  I have a Nikon D-40 and a few different lenses to play with. Maybe one day I'll get serious about it and really learn how to use it.

9. Music.  Of any kind.  I love getting into the beat as well as the lyrics.  I often equate times of my life and memories with songs; kind of like having my own personal sound track to my life!

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  1. i love this and mayhaps i'm gonna do it too, you're like the 3rd person i follow who's listing! lolol